Your teacher is called Francisco Javier García Ruiz and comes from Madrid. He worked for Iberia Airlines for many years and lived in Great Britain for 13 years during this time. He speaks Castillian, English, a little French and Italian. While studying Etymology at University, he also learned ancient Greek and Hebrew. And because the world bös round and round, he also learned German some time ago.

And he would like to pass on this desire to learn languages. So the idea of ​​offering language courses from private to private was born. That is not expensive and it can be solved easily via video conference. To do this, we work with Google Meet. This is for free and available as a web application for your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) or you can install the app (iOS oder Android) on your laptop, iPad or mobile phone. All you need to log in is a free Google account with an email address. ¡ Listo !

¡ Vale ! Write us an email using the contact form below and let us get in touch.