Travel, work or live in Spain.
With the right language skills, it becomes even more exciting and you can immerse yourself even deeper in Spanish culture when you come into contact with locals. This country with its long eventful history has so much to discover, apart from paella, flamenco and bullfighting.
The windy and rainy north, the hot and dry south, the hilly plains of Castilla la Mancha where Don Quixote was already up to mischief, the Arabic-style architecture along the southern Mediterranean coast, the many cultural metropolises or the countless traditional places and cities with an impresive mix of religious architecture of the three World religions, that have shaped the country over the past centuries. The popular holiday destinations of the Balearic and Canary Islands, with their varied landscapes, are also part of it. And then there is the country’s diverse cuisine.

Language connects.

The open-hearted and friendly Spaniards love their country, their mentality and their culture to share. Hola, buenas días, por favor, gracias, de nada, dos cervezas. That would be the basis or basic equipment with which you can achieve a lot. Every Spaniard is happy when an „extranjero“ speaks to him in his native language. And since the Spaniards are also interested in their counterparts: Soy inglés = I am English. Then maybe the tapas with the ordered caña will be a bit bigger.

Language expanded.

You don’t have to stay on the European continent. Spanish can also be used to travel to other parts of the world: Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Chile, México and many other countries as far as the south of the USA.

To make it easier for you to get started in this beautiful language, you will always find varied travel tips on the side. But only in Spanish to spark your interest.

Language conveyed.